The Advanced Penetration Testing Distribution.
Powered by Arch Linux and our community.

Do you feel that other Penetration Testing Distributions lack flexibility? Would you like to have packages that are selected by people from a large variety of backgrounds? Based on Arch Linux, BlackArch is the advanced penetration testing distribution. Our repository contains 2211 packages selected by our community. Packages that can be install individually or in groups. BlackArch is compatible with existing Arch Linux installations. For more information, see the installation instructions. Please consult our blog for the most recent changes to BlackArch. BlackArch is a community effort, feel free to join! To report bugs and request new packages, please visit the issue tracker on Github, stop by IRC, or email us. The BlackArch Live ISO contains multiple window managers. Check out the screenshots.

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Best wishes

Sun, Dec 30 2018

Mirror in Hungary

Tue, Dec 04 2018

ISO and OVA release

Sat, Dec 01 2018


Sun, Nov 25 2018

BlackArch with openbox
BlackArch with fluxbox
BlackArch with awesome wm
BlackArch with spectrwm
BlackArch with lxdm
BlackArch wallpaper

BlackArch linux is backed by a team of volunteers. Some of them have chosen to appear in the following list.

Name Nickname E-Mail GPG Key Role
Levon Kayan noptrix 0x7A747D10 Leader, Backd00rer
Pedro Freitas psf 0x6B644488 Developer, Allrounder
Pierre B. Pi3rrot 0x0B694394 Developer, Torrent Master
Hannes Eichblatt heichblatt 0x31B0AF0E Developer, Allrounder
Stefan Venz ikstream 0x8CAA1975 Developer, Allrounder
Sepehrdad Sh sepehrdad 0xDEADBEEF Developer, Allrounder
Eduard Toloza Edu4rdSHL 0x09F553E5 Developer, Allrounder
German Vechtomov mrsmith0x00 0x43FB1128 Developer, Allrounder
Richard Baumann ohaz 0x9684D220 Developer, Allrounder
Leon L. Tazmain 0xBA75AF84 Developer, Allrounder
OSO SPEED OSO 0x005E6A4C Developer, Allrounder
Jeremy Marlow i3_Arch 0xC8173B68 Developer, Allrounder
Alexandre Zanni noraj 0x5BFB05CA Developer, Allrounder
Harry P. luserx0 0x90883003 Developer, Allrounder
Filipe Lains FFY00 0xB0EB4BF2 Contributor
Alexander Rothenberg EisWiesel 0xBADC0DE WebDesigner
Dimitri Mader anyon3 0x8B8E3622 WebDeveloper
Hall of Fame

BlackArch linux stands on the shoulders of giants. This is a list of former Developers & Contributors without who BlackArch linux would not be what it is today.

Name Nickname Former role
Evan Teitelman paraxor Founder, Developer
Javier nrz Developer
Ellis Kenyo elken Developer
Louis Dion-Marcil ldionmarcil Developer
Halit Alptekin rapt0r Contributor
Ano Nymous sudokode Contributor
Guy Marquez eserror Contributor
Felipe Montes GudwaL Contributor
Abelardo Ricart abby Contributor